Global IVD Procedures to Grow to 111.3 Billion Annually…Here’s Why

There are currently 76.1 billion in vitro diagnostics (IVD) procedures annually worldwide.  Global IVD procedure volumes are forecast to grow by several billion more through 2025, as revealed in IVD Procedure Volumes 2020-2025: Immunoassays, POC, Chemistry, Molecular, Microbiology and Other Tests, a recent report by Kalorama Information. IVD procedures range from glucose to procedures including […]

FDA Approves Novel Cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma

Modern developments in cell and gene therapy products are transforming the treatment of cancers and genetic diseases, and in the process they have helped create a multi-billion dollar global industry that is poised to more than double over the next ten years, according to 2020 estimates by leading medical market research firm Kalorama Information as […]

COVID-19 Diagnostics Market Blog: Qiagen secures EUA for COVID-19 test – Labs Still Struggle with Supplies, Says CAP; Cue Health Gets At-Home Approval; FDA Tightens on Variants

Hundreds of Tests on The Market, U.S. Labs Mostly Use Ten

As the COVID-19 crisis surfaced in the United States, molecular diagnostic manufacturers went to work with new RT-PCR testing kits.  There have been hundreds of tests on the market receiving EUAs from the Food and Drug Administration, but a survey from the Association of Molecular Pathology demonstrated that only a few are used by laboratories.  As part of its survey: labs were asked their top ten testing methods.   Among them: Abbott m2000, Roche cobas were the top two vendors in most labs’ top tens.

Roche GenMark Deal – COVID-19 Makes Respiratory Segment and mPOC More Valuable

A recent deal in the news cements the viability of the respiratory segment and the use of small molecular systems to test for them.  First introduced in 2013, PCR and other NAAT-based molecular systems have become a central part of testing for ailments such as flu, strep, RSV and COVID-19.  They remain in competition with […]

IVD Procedures – 76.1 Billion Annually and Growing

There are currently 76.1 billion in vitro diagnostics procedures annually. Procedure volumes will grow to 111.3 billion in 2025.The chart below depicts the current global estimate and forecast of IVD procedures, including glucose and excluding COVID-19. Population, aging, insurance levels and new test development are factors in the growth of procedures.   Global volumes of […]

Molecular Point of Care Test Market Nearly Triples in One Year, Due to COVID-19.

Molecular systems that can test at the point of care was always expected to be a factor in COVID-19.   Last year, when our report published, the novel coronavrius was limited in most news accounts to a disease affecting Wuhan, China, we said this: “As presented, the revenues for this segment are forecast to increase from […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Accelerates Adoption of Diagnostic Testing at Point of Care

From Lab Pulse , a sister publication to Kalorama Information – Experience with COVID-19 has cast a bright light on the state of healthcare and the great need for change, which has already begun, said panelist Rahul Dhanda, co-founder and CEO of Sherlock Biosciences, a pioneer in diagnostics based on CRISPR gene editing technology. […]

Science and Medicine Groups Predictions for 2021 in the Lab Instrumentation, Diagnostics and Imaging Industries

The unpredictable events of 2020 might cause one forswear all prediction-making.  Yet for Science and Medicine Group, the publishing brands we offer (Strategic Directions International, Bioinformatics, Kalorama Information, IMV, Instrument Business Outlook) are in the business of prediction-making.  Thus once again, we offer our top ten predictions for 2021 based on our market research publications: Recovery in […]

For Roche, Alignment Between Tests and COVID-19 Vaccines is Key

The distribution of COVID-19 vaccines has focused testmakers on how they can continue to contribute when vaccines are released. For Roche Diagnostics, vaccines and tests and their alignment are key to 2021 growth. Roche held its session “Entitled COVID-19: The critical role of Diagnostics,” on the first day of The American Association of Clinical Chemistry, […]

Lab Industry Voices, Diagnostic Innovation, and Ugly Sweater Parties: What We’ll be Watching at #2020AACC

Although virtual this year, this years meeting of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) is probably more important than ever.  The industry is at the forefront of worldwide efforts to combat the COVID-19 disease.   In the United States, national focus is on laboratorians in an unprecedented way.  In vitro diagnostic vendors are under pressure […]