COVID-19 Clinical Instrument Database

Today we are making the COVID-19 instrument part of our Kalorama Clinical Masterfile available for commercial suppliers and local hospitals and labs.  These data will allow national and local hospitals and suppliers to find each other and get the necessary COVID-19 kits, reagents, and controls distributed through national supply chains or local swaps.  We are also releasing 157 Instruments that are COVID-19 Capable with Staff Training and Adjustment for Lab Developed Tests.  The limited database will be made available at no charge to suppliers and hospitals through December 31 2020 and includes Lab Name, Address, Phone Number, Manufacturer and Model.

Each facility’s record contains: 
  • 1. Facility Information
    Name, Address, Phone, AHA ID number, Medicare Provider Number
  • 2. Modalities / Areas Covered
    Molecular Diagnostics, Next Gen Systems (NGS)
  • 3. Installed Equipment
    Manufacturer, Model + Name / Number, Year Installed
    Department Location
  • 4. COVID-19 Status

©Science and Medicine Group, Inc. 2020. The Covid-19 MasterFile is intended to support the medical community during the pandemic, but may not be reproduced in print or any other media without written permission.