Science and Medicine Group Inc. including Kalorama Information, SDi, BioInformatics, and IMV are marshaling our information and data resources to help those on the frontline in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. Science and Medicine Group Inc. is a market research and media company serving the life science, analytical instrument, diagnostic, medical imaging and dental industries. We also maintain four vibrant communities of more than 300,000 scientists and medical professionals including,,, and The Science Advisory Board

Today we gave access to our Knowledge Center to employees of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).   The Knowledge Center is an innovative information sharing platform that enables users to search almost 1,000 detailed reports on a wide variety of diagnostic and medical imaging technologies to understand the science behind the technologies as well as the capabilities and strategies of the market’s supplier base. The CDC will be able to use all the clinical diagnostics from Kalorama and diagnostic imaging from IMV to better coordinate a response among market participants from CT, Ultrasound, Molecular, and Point-of-Care diagnostics. We believe an “all diagnostics on deck” approach to COVID-19 detection would greatly accelerate the detection and also ease the strain on laboratory testing, some of which requires extensive PPE and often has time delays between sample collection and insight.

Kalorama Information, the most trusted name in healthcare and clinical diagnostics market research, has put a large database of diagnostic instruments in the U.S. online free of charge to start-ups, commercial entities developing COVID-19 solutions, and hospitals laboratories so they can locate sites that do testing in the US market. The entire Clinical Masterfile details the manufacturer and model of 39,628 clinical diagnostic instruments at 5,331 U.S. hospitals. Today we are making the COVID-19 instrument part of our Kalorama Clinical Masterfile available for commercial suppliers and local hospitals and labs.  These data will allow national and local hospitals and suppliers to find each other and get the necessary COVID-19 kits, reagents, and controls distributed through national supply chains or local swaps. The list has 1,787 FDA-EUA Approved Instruments or Instruments that can run EUA COVID-19 TaqMan ™ Assays.  We are also releasing 157 Instruments that are COVID-19 capable with Staff Training and Adjustment for Lab Developed Tests. Laboratory professions will be able to use the database to find each other and share reagents and kits needed to maintain their labs’ testing volume.

Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information said, “Market knowledge is essential for developers, potential investors and government agencies.  A crisis brings attention to many markets previously unconsidered, and new employees and agencies need to stay informed with foundational knowledge.  Market research exists for this purpose. Kalorama, IMV and other Science and Medicine Group Publications have available market assessment resources in molecular diagnostics, CT, next-generation sequencing, respiratory point-of-care testing, remote patient monitoring and immunoassays. These tools can provide companies with baseline market assessments to understand these markets which are more important than ever. We are tracking changes in these markets related to COVID-19 though various upcoming publications.”

Dentists and dental hygienists are currently only caring for critical patients but are generally on the frontlines of public health. We believe these practitioners, along with newly developed point-of-care swab tests, will be a key part of community outbreak monitoring once the virus outbreak is under control. To prepare, has made articles and Continuing Education (CE) courses on infection control and PCR available at no charge for dentists and dental hygienists. Our editorial team, lead by Kevin Henry and Dr. David Rice, are prioritizing content to protect these practitioners and prepare them for serving patients once they are able to get back to work serving their patients.

“We know that dentists and dental team members have a lot of questions right now, including when dental practices might re-open on a full-time basis and be able to care for their full patient database,” said Kevin Henry, Editor-in-Chief of “Our job is to bring experts together from across the industry to answer these questions as well as providing advice on best business practices to help them overcome the financial hardships brought on by COVID-19.”

Science and Medicine Group will continue to look for opportunities to leverage our broad range of capabilities to assist industry and the scientific and medical communities in increasing testing and the development of therapies and vaccines.

“As the world comes together as friends and neighbors to fight the pandemic, we are proud to provide our MasterFile database to researchers and clinicians,” said Jonathan West, Vice President of Business Development. “They are the true “Superheroes” of our time and the entire Science and Medicine Group team is humbled by the opportunity to support them. “

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