The World Market for Point of Care,
10th Edition

All of the POC IVD market in one volume.  Glucose, COVID-19, flu, pregnancy and fertility, FOB, cardiac markers.

Point of care has made advances and this report provides markets for them.   Kalorama’s report is like many reports in one.
The next five years of Point of Care will answer the top questions about the IVD market
How can diagnostics promote wellness? How can diagnostics improve patient-provider encounters?  How can tests promote better selection and stewardship of drugs?  How can tests facilitate patient home or nursing home of the future? How can diagnostics ensure the next pandemic, if and when it arrives is appropriately handled?  The answers to these questions in many ways rely on the success of point-of-care solutions.

And because of this contribution, Point of Care diagnostics can earn a higher pricing and larger revenue growth than economized lab-based tests.  The tests covered in this report tend to grow at higher rates than overall IVD market.

Kalorama’s report provides hundreds of data points useful for business planning and forecasts scores of market segments.

Point of care is a highly competitive market.  There are many corporate profiles in this report.

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New Report on the Clinical Laboratory Services Market 

Your Business Planning Resource 

Distribution of Test Sales.  Fast-Growth Lab Tests.  Lower-Opportunity Markets.  COVID-19 Trends, For the Next Five Years. 

This is the type of information available in Kalorama Information’s unique report.

Clinical Laboratory Services Market, 8th Edition provides an overview of the clinical laboratory industry and the trends driving growth.

Included in the report are statistics influencing the industry, incidence of diseases in the U.S. and worldwide demographics, life expectancy, and company strategies.

The laboratory services market is covered by specialty, including:

  • Essential and Routine Testing (Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Endocrinology)
  • Immunology Testing
  • Microbiology Testing
  • Cytology and Histology Testing (HPV, Tumor Pathology) 
  • Genetic Testing (Prenatal and Other Genetic)
  • Toxicology Testing (Drugs of Abuse)
  • COVID-19

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