The Point of Care Testing Market

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Point of care (POC) tests are performed outside central laboratories and produce quick results. POC has been an important goal in IVD (in vitro diagnostics), and new developments have made achieving it possible. Point of care testing is transforming, thanks to innovations in smartphones, biosensors, lab-on-a-chip, and wearable devices. For healthcare professionals, having an expedited diagnosis is of paramount concern. Point of care diagnostics will be part of a paradigm shift from curative medicine to predictive, personalize, and preemptive medicine.

POC testing has migrated from the hospital to different medical environments over the years. Thanks to the introduction of transportable, portable, and handheld instruments, point of care testing exists in the workplace, at home, within disaster care and, most recently, convenience clinics.

The Market for Point of Care Testing (POCT)

Kalorama Information’s report,Point of Care Diagnostics Market and Market Share Analysis finds that Globally, millions of dollars are spent annually on POC diagnostic testing, both professional testing and self-testing. In 2016, sales of POC testing reached $18.4 billion, increasing 3.8% from $17 billion in 2014. A major contributing factor to slower growth was pricing strategies that continued to discount the cost of POC diagnostic testing in some segments and higher cost in other segments of testing. In 2021, the total global POC diagnostic testing market is expected to reach $23 billion, displaying growth of 4.6% over the forecast period 2016-2021.

Point of Care/Rapid Test Immunoassays

Immunoassays – testing antibody responses in specific patient samples – are useful in POC testing in two main areas. Fertility tests and infectious disease tests comprise 45% of the total POC/rapid test immunoassay market, covered in Kalorama Information’s Immunoassay Markets report.

Diseases comprising sifniciant parts of the market include:

  • HIV
  • Tuberculosis
  • Hospital-acquired infections
  • Clostridium difficile
  • Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus