Coagulation Tests Near 4 Billion, Per IVD Newsletter

The 2021 global market for coagulation tests (lab-based and all POC) neared 4 billion last year.    PT and d-dimer tests lead revenues, per Kalorama’s In Vitro Diagnostic Business Outlook.  The publication focuses on one aspect of the IVD market in each issue. The publication comes out 2 times a month.  This issue focused on […]

8 Recent Developments in Cell and Gene Therapy

There have been a number of recent developments in cell and gene therapy, as detailed in our bi monthly newsletter, Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook.  New approvals in various countries, and technology licenses. Bristol-Myers Squibb K.K., a Tokyo-based subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), has announced that Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has […]

Digital Pathology Gets Big

The global digital pathology market is valued at $866 million in 2021, consisting of hardware, software and related services for clinical applications. In 2020, markets experienced slowing demand early in the year due to reduced orders and budget freezes as the COVID-19 pandemic surged on over the year. The impact began to soften in the […]

Viral Vectors Market Reaches $712 Million as Gene Therapy and COVID-19 Vaccines Create Growth

  The total viral vector market sported revenues of $712.2 million in 2021, according to research published in Viral Vectors Market for Cell Therapy Market: Analysis and Opportunities, a new report by leading medical market researcher Kalorama Information. Viral vectors are altered viruses that can safely transport therapeutic products into cells and growth is forecast […]

This Week in Cell and Gene Therapy: 12 Recent Developments

The following are a dozen developments in the cell and gene therapy market from Volume 1, Issue 14 of Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook, published January 10, 2022.   Allogene Therapeutics, based South San Francisco, CA, has announced that the Food and Drug Administration has cleared the company to resume clinical trials its CAR-T […]

Global Liquid Biopsy Market to Exceed $3 Billion by 2026 with Focus on Cancer and Oncology

  There are over 40 companies active in the $1 billion global market for liquid biopsy diagnostics and monitoring tests. And demand is growing swiftly, at a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.5% over the next five years, as patients, clinicians, and payors increasingly accept liquid biopsy as an alternative or complementary procedure […]

Quidel-Ortho: A Merger of Contrasts

In 2021’s most notable IVD merger and acquisition, San-Diego, CA-based Quidel announced an acquisition of Raritan, N.J.-based Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. Both companies are in Kalorama’s IVD Market “Top Tier”  And they couldn’t be more different.  Quidel tends to sell to the clinic, Ortho Clinical to the hospital.  Quidel sells flu and respiratory infectious disease tests, […]

19 Need-To-Know Developments in Cell and Gene Therapy

The following are recent developments in Cell and Gene Therapy, from Volume 1, Issue 13 of Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook, published December 22, 2021 Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals, based in Pasadena, CA, has completed a purchase of 13 acres in the Verona Technology Park in Verona, WI, where it plans to invest between $200 million […]

Long History of Disease Threats Boosts Blood Screening Market

From In Vitro Diagnostics Business Outlook Newsletter – Subscribe Today. Zika isn’t something covered in the news much anymore but in the blood screening IVD market, it still matters.  So do all the other past disease threats to a pure blood supply, and the possible future threats.  New disease threats reaching the level of concern […]

13 Need-to-Know Developments in Cell and Gene Therapy

The following  are recent developments in Cell and Gene Therapy, from the latest issue of  Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook  Adicet Bio, based in Boston, MA, reported positive interim data from its Phase I dose escalation study of ADI-001, a gamma delta CAR T-cell therapy targeting CD20 for the treatment of B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. […]