4 Trends to Watch in Autoimmune Immunoassay Market

  The market for autoimmune immunoassays will total an estimated $971.7 million in 2021 and is forecast to exceed $1 billion by 2026, according to Autoimmune Immunoassay Brief, a recent report by leading medical market researcher Kalorama Information. The autoimmune immunoassays market—including lab-based autoimmune immunoassays and POC-based autoimmune immunoassays—is only a small part of the […]

#Meeting on the Mesa / Cell and Gene Therapy Show Cast

Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook Editor Blake Middleton on Significant CGT Developments at Meeting on the Mesa The Meeting on the Mesa is going on.  ( https://meetingonthemesa.com/agenda/) More than 1700 attendees are at the cell and gene therapy-focused meeting, along with Science Advisory Board, LabPulse and other members of the Science and Medicine group family.  […]

$54.4 Billion in Deals and Counting: Analyzing Three Quarters of Cell and Gene Therapy Funding

Over 54 BN across funding mechanisms.  Private, VC, SPAC and and IPO Over 20Billion The enormous amount of funding presages confidence in discoveries of future marketable products as well as platforms in cell and gene therapy.  With an aggressive third quarter 2021 for funding, it is worthwhile to total and assess where we are.  In […]

Allergy Immunoassay Market at $612.5 Million with 30%-40% of World Population Affected

  Allergy statistics show that allergy conditions, triggered by anything from foods to venoms to vaccines and more, are constantly present in our lives and are not going away. In fact, the rising prevalence of allergies has created a market for allergy immunoassays—including lab-based allergy immunoassays and POC-based allergy immunoassays—that will reach an estimated $612.5 […]

At 2021 AACC Meeting in Atlanta, a Focus on Vaccines and Variants, and Improved Instrument Features

In a hybrid virtual and in-person meeting based in Atlanta, GA this year, the American Association of Clinical Chemistry met to share insights in laboratory medicine.  The event coincides with the Clinical Lab Expo, which is an important showcase for IVD vendors demonstrating new products and conducting strategic presentations and commentary.  About 7,500 lab professionals […]

In Vitro Diagnostic Market Swells To Largest Level Ever, 117 Billion Dollars

The in vitro diagnostics market was $25.2 billion dollars in 2001. It now exceeds $117 billion, according to Kalorama Information’s new report on the in vitro diagnostics market. Not only has COVID-19 testing volumes persisted despite the presence of a vaccine, but other test markets have recovered. This has lead to a 12% increase in the market between […]

Cell and Gene Therapy: Oncology and Cancer Treatment Trends [Infographic]

Cell and gene therapies are trending as groundbreaking treatments with the potential to actually cure disease rather than simply manage symptoms. As a result, through 2030, the global market for cell and gene therapy is forecast to expand strongly to $29,960 million, up from $3,866 million in 2020, according to a 2021 report by Kalorama […]

What You Need to Know in Cell and Gene Therapy Right Now

In this post, we update on and analyze some of the recent stories in the news regarding Cell and Gene Therapy.  For detailed updates, additional news analysis, scientific innovations and market opportunity updates, subscribe to Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook from Science and Medicine Group. Avantor, based in Radnor, PA, has agreed to purchase […]

School-Based Telehealth Makes the Grade in $54.5 Billion Global Remote Patient Monitoring Market

  As millions of children in America return to school, the disruptive presence and impact of COVID-19 lingers. One notable result of the pandemic was the healthcare industry’s increased reliance on remote patient monitoring and telehealth—aka telemedicine. The use of telehealth in the classroom is poised to play an important role in the present and […]

What’s Trending in Library Preparation and Target Enrichment for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

  The next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation and target enrichment market is estimated to have global sales of $1.2 billion in 2021, and is forecast to surpass $3.0 billion in 2026. This amounts to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9%, according to leading medical market research publisher Kalorama Information in the recent report […]