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IVD in Egypt: $440 Million Market Lead by Immunodiagnostic and Molecular Diagnostic Growth

In Egypt, like many other countries, the elderly population is growing rapidly, increasing at a rate of 5.1% annually, which is more than double the growth rate of the total population. This demographic shift, coupled with a large rural population requiring satellite care and mobile services, poses significant challenges for the healthcare system, according to 30-Country IVD Market Atlas, 2024, a new report by Kalorama Information. Approximately 57% of Egypt’s population resides in urban areas, adding complexity to healthcare delivery.

Recognizing these challenges, the government of Egypt is collaborating with the World Health Organization to enhance the public health environment. The government is prioritizing the streamlining of the health system, focusing on six key areas of policy going forward:

  1. Health security, prevention, and control of communicable diseases.
  2. Management of non-communicable diseases, mental health, violence, injuries, and nutrition.
  3. Promotion of health across all stages of life.
  4. Strengthening health systems.
  5. Preparedness, surveillance, and response to health threats.

In recent years, Egypt has faced uncertain political, security, and policy environments, which have hindered new vendor activity and restricted economic growth. However, there are signs of improvement, reflected in declining unemployment.

Despite these challenges, the market for in vitro diagnostics (IVD) in Egypt has shown resilience, surpassing $440 million in 2023, with an expected annual growth rate of almost 2%.

Between 2023-2028, the six IVD segments forecast to have the highest compound annual growth rates are:

  • Immunoassays – Micro
  • Molecular – Other (blood screening, STDs, and other microbiology)
  • POC Pregnancy & Fertility
  • Histology
  • Molecular Bloodstream/HAI
  • POC Glucose (all)

About the Report

This quarterly updated report provides a detailed analysis of major IVD segments forecasted for five years, covering 30 countries. To replicate the depth of data found in the 30-Country IVD Market Atlas, 2024 (In Vitro Diagnostic Markets for US, China, Germany, UK, Saudi Arabia, India, UAE, France, Vietnam, Turkey and 20 Other Countries), one would need to purchase numerous individual market research studies from other companies. This report aligns with Kalorama’s expert global estimates in our annual Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostics, offering segmented market analysis for 30 important country markets and 20 key test segments.

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