Are You Missing Out? 5 Exclusives and Scoops From Instrument Business Outlook

If you need to track instrument markets, and haven’t yet subscribed to Kalorama’s partner publisher Instrument Business Outlook (IBO), you could be missing out. Subscribers to IBO not only get the latest news, events and analysis in the analytical instrument industry delivered to their Inbox twice monthly, but they also receive the added benefit of IBO exclusives, breaking news announcements, and a curated database of industry specific press-releases right at their fingertips.

Here are just some of the recent examples where IBO first broke the news or provided an exclusive look at industry trends with in-depth executive interviews.

May 15 issue: News on Avantor’s pricing of its IPO
Pricing news broken by IBO, as company prepares for $3 billion IPO
Comprehensive ranking and listing of executives compensation at the largest publicly held instrument and lab product companies

April 30 issue: “IBO’s Fiscal 2018 Annual Executive Compensation Review”

April 15 issue:The Top 20 Companies of 2018″  Ranking of the world’s top 30 analytical instrument and lab product companies based on SDi sales and data analysis.  Exclusive in-depth interviews with senior executives at 3 of the world’s largest lab product companies, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Waters

March 31: “Instrument Companies Embrace Accessibility, Data Integration and Complete Workflows”

February 28: “Dairy Testing: Feeding Molecular Spectroscopy Demand” Exclusive interviews discussing how the dairy industry is expanding its adoption of analytical techniques as safety concerns grow.  Stop missing out on what’s happening in your world.

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IBO (Instrument Business Outlook) is a twice-monthly newsletter aimed at providing decision-makers with the latest and most complete information available on the life science and analytical instrument industry, and lab product markets. IBO delivers the latest curated industry news, information and trends, as well as SDi data and analysis to deliver the maximum in industry insight with a minimum time investment for executives and investors.

Content includes:

  • Market Data
  • Interviews and Analysis
  • Special Features (Market Forecasts, M&A Analysis, Executive Compensation Table, Surveys, etc.)
  • Company Financial Results
  • Product Developments
  • Regional and Industry Opportunities