Moving the Ball Forward on EMR Connectivity for IVD Devices

  Authored by Julie Kirkwood, Kalorama Information Correspondent Until surprisingly recently, the connections between laboratory instruments and laboratory computers were based on standards developed in the 1990s. For example, one of the standards, ASTM E1394 (later revised and renamed CLSI LIS2) dates back to 1997, the year before Google was invented, when dial-up modems were still used […]

PAMA brings huge changes to lab price testing, faces resistance from ACLA

We at Kalorama Information have just released the Eleventh Edition of our flagship publication,The Worldwide Market for  In Vitro   Diagnostics. This report has been updated for two decades, keeping readers informed about developments in all areas of the IVD industry, around the world, in one volume. At 1,800 pages, the report provides market size estimates and projections […]

Next Generation Sequencing Continues to Make Strides: Neonatal Screening, Onco-genomics, Infectious Disease Dx, and More

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) in diagnostics is rapidly growing, having made great strides since the conclusion of the Human Genome Project fifteen years ago. Increasingly rapid and effective testing capabilities for hereditary diseases, cancers, cardiac and respiratory conditions, neurodegenerative disorders, and even infectious disease, are either on the horizon or have arrived. The promise of DNA […]

Kalorama To Present IVD Market Findings at BIOMEDevice

In many ways, the IVD market of today does not resemble the market five years ago.  2018 appears to be the year where a number of trends that had been discussed began to gel.  With that in mind, Kalorama Information will be on hand for UBM’s BIOMedDevice Convention in San Jose, CA next month.   In […]

China’s IVD Market: Attractive Target for Surplus Growth

China’s IVD market reached $3,200 million in 2017, in line with growth estimates published by Kalorama and elsewhere, and the fast pace of market growth is expected to continue. Supporting growth will be a modernizing healthcare infrastructure and steady migration from manual to automated processes. This was the conclusion of Kalorama Information’s recent report, IVD in […]

Four Things to Know About The Monoclonal Antibodies – “mAbs” Market

Kalorama Information notes 4 trends in monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) – large protein molecules produced by white blood cells that seek out and destroy harmful foreign substances – topped $100 billion in 2017, according to Kalorama Information What’s Trending in Monoclonal Antibodies, examines the several types of monoclonal antibodies on the market and in development, looking at […]

Severe Flu Season Provides an Opportunity for Molecular POC

It’s late January, 2018. It’s the centenary of the opening salvos of the “Spanish” Flu Pandemic, the unsung (and misnomered) villain of the later days of The Great War.  With cases on the rise right now, the 2017-’18 flu season has yet to reach its peak[1], surpassing that of the 2012-’13 season, and young people […]

Top 10 Companies in Liquid Biopsy Detailed in New Report

 New York City-based healthcare market researcher Kalorama Information details the top 10 liquid biopsy companies and their activities in a new report.  The market, Kalorama says, is heterogeneous and very fragmented, with many companies commercializing various liquid biopsy diagnostic products and developing new ones for a broad range of applications.  But a few top competitors […]

Promise of Fast Growth Propels Molecular Technologies in Fighting Infections

Make sure to visit our In Vitro Diagnostics page, Kalorama’s all-in-one resource covering the IVD market.  Infectious Disease Molecular IVD Market: Fastest Growth of Any Molecular Test Segment Infectious Disease is the best-selling and fastest-growing part of molecular testing, as Kalorama notes in its report Infectious Disease Diagnostics.     Molecular diagnostics’ performance and applicability is unparalleled among IVD […]

Qiagen Adds to Leading Molecular Cancer Menu with FDA-Cleared JAK2 Test Kit

Prognostic and Other Evaluative Tests Kits Join Companion Diagnostics in U.S. Cancer Diagnostics.  Kalorama Information covers molecular in vitro diagnostics (IVD) markets for cancer and blood disorders inThe World Molecular Diagnostics Market, 7th Ed. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently cleared Qiagen’s ipsogen JAK2 RGQ PCR Kit for detection of the V617F mutation on […]