Milestone Reached for Kalorama Information under New Ownership as Part of Science and Medicine Group

Kalorama Information, a part of Science and Medicine Group, has announced that it has published its 25th report since the acquisition of the company by Science and Medicine Group. Since November, the firm has reported on food safety testing, infectious disease, Latin American Markets, molecular diagnostics and many other markets. “Experts in sequencing, liquid biopsy, […]

Red Flags Raised With CLIA Waived Test Growth

As reported on (Sign up at — Providers of proficiency testing for CLIA tests are becoming increasingly concerned about the lack of external quality control and oversight of CLIA-waived test kits, as the number of waived kits continues to expand. Some 1,400 waived test kits are now on the market, compared with 30 […]

Quidel and Abbott Lead in POC Cardiac Markers

Quidel is the market leader in point-of-care (POC) cardiac markers, according to a recent report from Kalorama Information. Abbott, Roche and Siemens Healthineers and Response Biomedical also are among the top companies. The findings were reported in Kalorama Information’s latest report, Worldwide Market for Point-of-Care (POC) Diagnostics. Quidel is a market leader in rapid immunoassays and […]

IVDs Essential as U.S. Measles Cases Reach 27-Year High

There has been a milestone reached in 2019, but not one to celebrate. There are now more cases of measles in the United States than any time since 1992.  1,077 individual measles cases were confirmed as of June 2019, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With doctors less familiar than they […]

Pfizer Zirabev Approval Sign of Growth Market for Biosimilars, Challenges for Cancer Drug Brands

News of an approval of a biosimilar for a major Roche cancer drug is, we think, evidence that U.S. biosimilars are a growth market opportunity.   At the same time, the approval is a growth limiter for booming cancer drug markets.  Pfizer Inc confirmed Friday that the the FDA approved its biosimilar to Avastin. Pfizer’s Zirabev […]

New Product Trends at ASMS 2019

The 67th American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, held recently in Atlanta, Georgia, is a major showcase for mass spectrometry system (MS) introductions. Below are some of the trends evident among the many system launches. Small is Big Agilent Technologies introduced the LC/MSD iQ single quadrupole MS, measuring 12 x 18.7 in (305 […]

Will New HIV Recommendations Boost Test Volume?

From our partner publication New recommendations released June 11 from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) continue to strongly advise HIV screening for adolescents and adults, and for the first time they support preventive treatment for those at high risk. The guidance could boost volume for blood tests. Kalorama Information’s Infectious Disease World […]

Liquid Biopsy in 2019: Competitive and Growing

Liquid biopsies are a set of minimally invasive diagnostic methods that analyze tumor-derived materials that can be found circulating in biological fluids, to provide information for the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of cancer. While tissue biopsies and imaging techniques remain the current standards of care in the diagnosis of solid tumors, they have risks and […]

Cancer Therapeutics: The Targeting Advantage

The development of molecularly targeted cancer drugs is one of the most exciting advancements in oncology. The potential benefits from the identification of drug targets and the associated drugs and tests are illustrated by several novel examples, such as HER2/neu & Herceptin and Gleevec. The rising incidence of cancer, particularly in the over 50 population, […]

Are You Missing Out? 5 Exclusives and Scoops From Instrument Business Outlook

If you need to track instrument markets, and haven’t yet subscribed to Kalorama’s partner publisher Instrument Business Outlook (IBO), you could be missing out. Subscribers to IBO not only get the latest news, events and analysis in the analytical instrument industry delivered to their Inbox twice monthly, but they also receive the added benefit of IBO […]