Kalorama: Vaccinations, Colds Lead Reasons for Retail Clinic Visits

Retail clinics are healthcare practices entirely in a retail store such as a drug store, grocery store or mass merchandiser.  Kalorama says CVS has the largest number of stores with clinics, followed by Walgreens.  According to the report, the retail health trend is growing, driven in particular by CVS and Walgreens.  Since their inception in 2000, sales for convenience clinics have risen dramatically, with no end in sight to the double-digit growth. This has been driven by continued growth in the number of retail clinics, with more than 2,100 clinics open at the start of 2015 and more than 2,700 expected by the end of 2019.

“The data suggests that retail clinic visitors are generally going for very base-level treatments,” said Bruce Carlson, Publisher of Kalorama Information. “But those are the basis of building a practice, and could be upgraded to other services.”

Kalorama’s report features a survey of 2,000 US adults.  Roughly 700 said they had visited a retail health clinic.  Kalorama provided the survey responses when the clinic visitors were asked why they visited.  The following are the results.  (Note that visitors were allowed to select as many reasons as applicable.)

Why Did You Visit Retail Clinic?

  • Vaccination 74.0%
  • Cold/Flu 55.0%
  • Headache 23.3%
  • Earache 13.4%
  • Physical 18.0%

“There’s a significant amount of visitors who were visiting a retail health location for a physical,”  said Carlson.  “Some of this is camp or work physicals, or wellness programs marketed by the clinics.  This indicates the clinics are getting into a traditional practice area for the average physician office.”

The report contains more information about the retail clinic market including supplier sales, store growth and forecasts of future revenues.  Retail Clinics 2015: Growth of Stores, Consumer Opinion, Leading Competitors, Sales of Products to Clinics (Diagnostic Tests, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines), Clinic Sales Forecasts and Trends can be found at KI:

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