Report from SWAC Wound Care Conference: Las Vegas

The 2019 SAWC wound care conference was off to running start in sunny Las Vegas on Saturday, October 12. The event is hosted in Caesars Palace and has an estimated attendance of over 1400. For three days (October 12-14), physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and other healthcare personnel will be immersed in learning about new and innovative ways to treat wounds.    Biotechnology is a common theme among developments at the meeting.
  • There are some shifting paradigms in treating wounds, in wound bed prep and evaluating and treating bites and stings.  Wounds involving insects are requiring better evaluations and treatment plans as insects are migrating to other areas of the United States.
  • A top treatment focus: Ionic silver products for earlier treatment and better healing outcomes.
  • Wound care devices tend to see innovation because of the pressure for reduced hospital stays from payors and patients.
Kalorama analysts are at the meeting and observing trends.  Kalorama’s latest wound care report is available here.