$54.4 Billion in Deals and Counting: Analyzing Three Quarters of Cell and Gene Therapy Funding

Over 54 BN across funding mechanisms.  Private, VC, SPAC and and IPO Over 20Billion The enormous amount of funding presages confidence in discoveries of future marketable products as well as platforms in cell and gene therapy.  With an aggressive third quarter 2021 for funding, it is worthwhile to total and assess where we are.  In […]

Infographic: Cell and Gene Therapy Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs)

Learn more about this important market by subscribing to CELL AND GENE THERAPY BUSINESS OUTLOOK, a twice-monthly publication from the leaders at Kalorama Information. This is an exciting time for the cell and gene therapy industry. Its products are transforming the treatment of cancers and genetic diseases, as well as a host of other illnesses […]

Watch the Companies That Make Cell and Gene Therapies For Pharma, Says New Report

There’s much talk about cell and gene therapy but a new report from a leading market research firm says that there’s a growing market over nearly two billion dollars for companies that make the cell and gene therapies. In 2020, the total global cell and gene therapy BCMO market reached $1,842 million. Over the following […]