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Medical Devices: A Clearer Look at X-Ray Imaging

The evolving healthcare landscape, influenced by factors such as expanded health insurance coverage from the Affordable Care Act, rising acute and chronic illness rates, and modernization of healthcare facilities, is driving growth in medical imaging products. While cost containment efforts may impact pricing, tests improving therapeutic outcomes are expected to thrive. In Kalorama Information’s report The Global Market for Medical Devices, 13th Edition, x-ray imaging equipment sales surpassed $10 billion in 2023. The report forecasts low single-digit growth for this market segment through 2028.

Chest x-rays are the most common diagnostic x-ray, with over 150 million performed annually in the US. Digital systems have largely replaced film-based x-ray systems, offering better image quality, storage, and immediate availability. Digital x-ray imaging, like that from Carestream Health, streamlines the process by eliminating film processing and enhancing image quality, storage, and transmission efficiency.

Lifestyle choices leading to obesity and heart disease drive demand for cardiovascular x-ray systems. Cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Digital radiography is gaining traction, with nearly 80% of angiography labs in the US transitioning to filmless imaging.

Digital radiography is also transforming dental care, reducing processing times, improving efficiency, and reducing radiation dosage by up to 80%. The dental x-ray market is projected to exceed $3 billion by 2028, with a low single-digit compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023-2028.

The ongoing shift from analog to digital modalities in medical imaging will drive modest growth. Advances in technology and an aging population will sustain market expansion, with manufacturers offering patient-friendly solutions that image more efficiently with less radiation.

Technological advancements like digital and molecular imaging will play a crucial role in faster and more accurate diagnoses, especially as personalized medicine and genetic data become more prominent. Challenges in diagnostic imaging in developing countries present market opportunities for manufacturers, with a need for safe and appropriate imaging services.

Traditional general x-ray has ceded market share to multislice CT, ultrasound, and other modalities offering faster scans or better image quality. The digital x-ray market is driven by the need for higher patient throughput, with retrofitting driving its growth.

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About the Report

The 13th edition of Kalorama Information’s Global Market for Medical Devices offers new insights into market trends and forecasts. It covers medical devices and relevant regulations in 50 world markets, provides market size estimates and forecasts to 2028 for the global market and key country markets, and includes an index of bellwether device companies. The report also explores specific categories of medical devices, market drivers and limiters, and profiles major device concerns.

The report includes 2023 sales estimates and 2028 sales forecasts for more than 50 medical devices, including 3D printing equipment, anesthesia monitors, blood collection devices, blood gas analyzers, blood pressure monitors, catheters, computed tomography machines, contact lenses, continuous glucose monitors, coronary stents, cosmetic surgery implants, CPAP machines, defibrillators, dental equipment and implants, dialysis equipment, EKG/ECG machines, electrosurgical devices, endoscopes, gastric banding devices, glucose monitors, hernia repair devices, hip and knee implants, infusion and insulin pumps, intraocular lenses, medical beds, minimally invasive surgical instruments, MRI machines, neurostimulation devices, ophthalmic imaging and laser devices, ostomy care devices, oxygen therapy equipment, pacemakers, personal protective equipment, spine implants, surgical robots and instruments, ultrasound machines, vascular closure devices, wheelchairs, wound care products, and x-ray machines.

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