Kalorama Information: Beyond 23andMe.com, A Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing Industry Emerges

July 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Healthcare market research firm Kalorama Information says that the global direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic health testing market totaled $99 million in 2017. With average 25.6% growth, the market will grow to $310 million in 2022. Growth historically has been slower 14.9% due to a lack of regulatory oversight and concerns within the industry. Strong growth is expected through the forecast period due to easing of the regulatory process for DTC genetic tests.  While 23andMe.com leads the market, Kalorama Information says part of that future growth is expected to come from new competitors, including:

  • EasyDNA in Elk Grove, CA offers DNA testing for celiac disease and genetic testing for cancer and predisposition and genetic disease predisposition. The latter two genetic tests are not available to USA residents. The cancer predisposition panel uses Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to look for mutations in a total of 98 genes associated with 25 hereditary cancers. The analysis will look for those inherited mutations on specific genes which are known to increase a person’s risk of developing a certain type of cancer.
  • Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences  Dubai, UAE offers various panels of genetic tests, including cancer screening, Comprehensive cardiovascular panel and obesity panels
  • Mapmygenome based in Madhapur, Hyderabad, India offers DTC genetic testing in brain wellness, TB diagnostics, fitness tests and other panels.

In addition to companies that offer direct-to-consumer tests initiated by the consumer (consumer decides and orders tests), there are companies doing a variant of DTC where a physician initiates a test, which Kalorama considers part of the market as it is still marketed DTC.

Prominent among these is Color Genomics in Burlingame, CA.  The company offers the hereditary cancer test, BRCA test, Hereditary high cholesterol test and others. In April 2015 the company announced launch of the Color Test, which analyzes 19 genes (including BRCA1and BRCA2) that have a role in hereditary breast cancer and increased risk of ovarian cancer. This test can be ordered by a customer’s physician.

These are among a few of the many companies starting in the industry featured in Kalorama’s report.  Kalorama Information’s report, The Market for Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing, is available at https://www.kaloramainformation.com/Direct-Consumer-Genetic-Health-Testing-11370673/.

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