What’s Trending: Rising Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Spending Has Media Abuzz


“In 2021, total U.S. out-of-pocket healthcare spending by consumers reached an estimated $491.6 billion, up about 10% from the prior year with continued annual growth of 9.9% expected through 2026. This will result in almost $800 billion of consumer out-of-pocket healthcare spending in 2026.” – Kalorama Information’s Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Expenditures in the United States, 5th Edition


Recent estimates by Kalorama Information regarding present and predicted increases in out-of-pocket healthcare spending by American consumers has caught the attention of numerous media outlets who have written, posted, reposted, repurposed, and Tweeted about the news.

Below is a roundup of nearly a dozen notable mentions by healthcare news websites pertaining to Kalorama Information’s research on out-of-pocket spending: