#Meeting on the Mesa / Cell and Gene Therapy Show Cast

Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook Editor Blake Middleton on
Significant CGT Developments at Meeting on the Mesa

The Meeting on the Mesa is going on.  ( https://meetingonthemesa.com/agenda/) More than 1700 attendees are at the cell and gene therapy-focused meeting, along with Science Advisory Board, LabPulse and other members of the Science and Medicine group family.  For subscribers of Cell and Gene Therapy Outlook, we will be providing analysis into developments at the meeting and the science behind some of the developments, as well as potential business applications.

As part of the meeting coverage.  Blake Middleton, the editor of Cell and Gene Therapy Outlook, weighs in with his view of the latest developments:

Check back with us Friday, October 15th, for a review of the events at the cast.

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