Recent Autism Test Studies Add to Promising, Yet Inconclusive Research into Psychiatric Diagnostics

Kalorama Information covers in vitro diagnostics (IVD) markets for autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and other psychiatric disorders in The World Molecular Diagnostics Market, 7thEd.  and Novel Autism Diagnostics. In two recent studies, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) assays have been investigated that incorporate biomarkers for environmental factors and dysfunctional cellular pathways associated with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). The accuracy […]

Drive for Prevention to Fuel Food Safety Diagnostics

This article is based on information in Kalorama Information’s Food Safety Diagnostics Market Report (https://www. Safety-Diagnostics-12090767/ ).   Food safety concerns are increasing globally as international food trading is growing at a fast pace. Industrialization of food consumption is another major trend in many countries including several emerging markets, which in turn is pushing the growth of international […]

Recent Companion Dx Deals

Companion diagnostics are rising to the forefront of pharmaceutical development and treatment. Companion diagnostics increase the probability of clinical success by identifying patients with the presence of biomarkers or disease-specific therapeutic targets that can dramatically improve outcomes. Companion diagnostics can also decrease costs by identifying the patient population that will most likely benefit from the […]

IVD in 2019: Eight Out-of-the-Box Predictions

Kalorama Information is the Publisher of The Worldwide Market for In Vitro Diagnostics, 11th Edition, the definitive report on the IVD market.  Based on our 2018 research, here are 8 little-discussed trends that we expect to unfold in 2019: 1 Another Year of “Prove to Play” for Tests– Yes, your new 2019 diagnostic test product will be […]