Top 10 Companies in Liquid Biopsy Detailed in New Report

 New York City-based healthcare market researcher Kalorama Information details the top 10 liquid biopsy companies and their activities in a new report.  The market, Kalorama says, is heterogeneous and very fragmented, with many companies commercializing various liquid biopsy diagnostic products and developing new ones for a broad range of applications.  But a few top competitors can be expected to stay in long-term.  Roche, Qiagen, Biocept and Myriad Genetics are among the companies on the list.  The report indicates that in 2017, more than 40 companies are active in the global market for liquid biopsy diagnostic and monitoring tests.  These are detailed in the report, The Worldwide Market for Liquid Biopsy, the first major study to look at the market and define competitor performance and market sizing from an independent, healthcare specialist market research firm.

ROCKVILLE, Med in recent years as a result of new product introductions, and is projected to continue to increase within the next five years, as many companies are developing new products that are expected to reach the market in the near future.  The market growth will be influenced by factors such as the rising incidence and prevalence of cancer at the global level, increasing use of personalized medicine, regulatory hurdles, reimbursement considerations, and adoption and integration issues of these.

Kalorama Information’s Report The Worldwide Market for Liquid Biopsy (by Analyte [ctDNA, cfDNA, Other], by Application – Screening/Drug Monitoring/Diagnostic, by Region [US, EuropeAsia, ROW] and by Type of Cancer) is available at: