In Vitro Diagnostics Business Outlook: Blood Typing Has Rebounded

In 2021, the world market for blood grouping and blood typing rebounded from a 3.2% decline in 2020 due to COVID-19 impacts, reaching an estimated $945 million in revenues, according to an upcoming issue of the In Vitro Diagnostics Business Outlook. The overall market is expected to stabilize in 2022 and grow at a 1% […]

COVID-19 Test Market: $33BN in Revenues in 2021, Future Still a Guess

Kalorama has just completed a report on the COVID-19 in vitro diagnostic testing market.  2021 was a year in which point-of-care antigen tests, lab-based PCR tests, rapid PCR and even home tests were available to the market.  Also antibody tests, NGS tests and other tests were brought to bear in diagnosing cases. The scourge of […]

Infectious Disease Testing Expected to Grow Beyond COVID-19

While COVID-19 has made the need for  in vitro diagnostics (IVD) that can detect infectious diseases front and center, demand for these tests was building before the pandemic and revenues for test products will grow says a report from a major publisher of IVD market research.    The industry consists of tests and related products […]

Molecular Point of Care Market Reaches 3.5 Billion

The molecular point of care market reached 3,555 million in 2021, according to Kalorama Information’s latest report. The Market and Potential for Molecular Point-of-Care. COVID-19 sales were the main driver. That is 10x growth in revenues from 2019.  The COVID-19 pandemic and consistent arrival of variants are the determining factor, and the continued presence of […]

VIDEO: 5 Key Trends in Cell and Gene Therapy

Learn about these 5 key trends based on research featured in Cell Therapy and Gene Therapy Markets, 2021-2031 (published Feb. 2022), a recent report by Kalorama Information Cell and gene therapy products are transforming the treatment of many acquired diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and genetic diseases to correct defective genetic material. Additionally, […]

Funding for Cell and Gene Therapies Exceeded 70 Billion Last Year: Kalorama Report

Total funding from all sources for cell and gene therapy companies totaled  $70.8 billion last year, according to a compilation of deals performed by Kalorama Information as part of its recent report.  The growth in money being injected into cell and gene therapy companies continues to grow in 2022, according to the firm’s report: Cell […]

Coagulation Tests Near 4 Billion, Per IVD Newsletter

The 2021 global market for coagulation tests (lab-based and all POC) neared 4 billion last year.    PT and d-dimer tests lead revenues, per Kalorama’s In Vitro Diagnostic Business Outlook.  The publication focuses on one aspect of the IVD market in each issue. The publication comes out 2 times a month.  This issue focused on […]

8 Recent Developments in Cell and Gene Therapy

There have been a number of recent developments in cell and gene therapy, as detailed in our bi monthly newsletter, Cell and Gene Therapy Business Outlook.  New approvals in various countries, and technology licenses. Bristol-Myers Squibb K.K., a Tokyo-based subsidiary of Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), has announced that Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has […]

Digital Pathology Gets Big

The global digital pathology market is valued at $866 million in 2021, consisting of hardware, software and related services for clinical applications. In 2020, markets experienced slowing demand early in the year due to reduced orders and budget freezes as the COVID-19 pandemic surged on over the year. The impact began to soften in the […]

Viral Vectors Market Reaches $712 Million as Gene Therapy and COVID-19 Vaccines Create Growth

  The total viral vector market sported revenues of $712.2 million in 2021, according to research published in Viral Vectors Market for Cell Therapy Market: Analysis and Opportunities, a new report by leading medical market researcher Kalorama Information. Viral vectors are altered viruses that can safely transport therapeutic products into cells and growth is forecast […]