We Keep Saying The Chinese IVD Market is Growing. That’s Because it Is.

We keep saying it, but that is only because it remains true: China continues to be an untapped market for IVD manufacturers.  It’s certainly not out of a desire to follow the crowd.  As China’s rate of growth has slowed, we’ve noted that.  Yet based on our global market analysis, the IVD market there remains […]

At 2021 AACC Meeting in Atlanta, a Focus on Vaccines and Variants, and Improved Instrument Features

In a hybrid virtual and in-person meeting based in Atlanta, GA this year, the American Association of Clinical Chemistry met to share insights in laboratory medicine.  The event coincides with the Clinical Lab Expo, which is an important showcase for IVD vendors demonstrating new products and conducting strategic presentations and commentary.  About 7,500 lab professionals […]

Kalorama Worldwide IVD Report 14th Edition Published

Kalorama Information, specialists in market research data in the in vitro diagnostics market since 2001, has now published its latest (14th) edition of their comprehensive market report.  The market for IVD products including instruments and reagents is $117 billion dollars.   Kalorama’s 1,500 + page report is used by top companies in the industry and by prospective entrants, investors and […]

Molecular Diagnostics Market to Reach 28 Billion. We Didn’t Predict That Two Years Ago.

The market for DNA-based tests used for clinical diagnostic purposes has exceeded previous forecasting, due to the COVID-19 crisis. Mid 2019, Kalorama Information’s report projected the market size (all DNA-based tests, revenues to IVD companies) would reach 10.1 billion.  We also estimated cancer would be the driver.  Instead, Kalorama now projects that market to be […]

Oncologists Urge Faster Biomarker Results for Lung Cancer Patients

Diagnostic testing companies should do a better job of turning around biomarker test results for lung cancer patients, according to a survey reported at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) annual meeting on June 4. Out of 170 clinicians polled, the vast majority (98%) said that they felt it was important to get biomarker […]

AACC releases guidance on kidney injury lab testing

The American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) released guidance on lab testing for acute kidney injury (AKI) patients that proposes new diagnostic thresholds for whether a patient has AKI with creatinine testing. One of the major recommendations is to propose that clinicians use the 20/20 AACC acute kidney injury criteria to determine whether a patient […]

Global IVD Procedures to Grow to 111.3 Billion Annually…Here’s Why

There are currently 76.1 billion in vitro diagnostics (IVD) procedures annually worldwide.  Global IVD procedure volumes are forecast to grow by several billion more through 2025, as revealed in IVD Procedure Volumes 2020-2025: Immunoassays, POC, Chemistry, Molecular, Microbiology and Other Tests, a recent report by Kalorama Information. IVD procedures range from glucose to procedures including […]

FDA Approves Novel Cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma

Modern developments in cell and gene therapy products are transforming the treatment of cancers and genetic diseases, and in the process they have helped create a multi-billion dollar global industry that is poised to more than double over the next ten years, according to 2020 estimates by leading medical market research firm Kalorama Information as […]

Roche GenMark Deal – COVID-19 Makes Respiratory Segment and mPOC More Valuable

A recent deal in the news cements the viability of the respiratory segment and the use of small molecular systems to test for them.  First introduced in 2013, PCR and other NAAT-based molecular systems have become a central part of testing for ailments such as flu, strep, RSV and COVID-19.  They remain in competition with […]

IVD Procedures – 76.1 Billion Annually and Growing

There are currently 76.1 billion in vitro diagnostics procedures annually. Procedure volumes will grow to 111.3 billion in 2025.The chart below depicts the current global estimate and forecast of IVD procedures, including glucose and excluding COVID-19. Population, aging, insurance levels and new test development are factors in the growth of procedures.   Global volumes of […]