The First Step in Market-Sizing the Molecular Point of Care Market: Defining What it is.

To establish a market size and forecast for molecular point of care systems, it’s necessary to understand what it is that is being measured. If a market for every dollar earned by selling any system that “could be used” in molecular point of care was established, the market would be much larger and have much […]

Still Room to Grow in Infectious Disease IVD

Per Kalorama Information’s World Infectious Disease report: Opportunities for infectious disease testing products vary widely between the developed and developing countries, according to our most recent report on infectious disease world markets. With favorable access to a complete range of tests and the operation of advanced medical delivery systems that reach most residents and in spite of making […]

Growth in Molecular Diagnostics, Beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 is not over, but test sales are clearly on the decline, and IVD companies for the most part have adopted a focus on other test areas to beat the negative trend. Abbot, Roche, Hologic and Quest are among the diagnostic testing companies that have reported 2022 results with COVID-19 losses softened by gains in […]

Expect More Testing Performed at Physician Office Lab Venues: Report

The IVD market follows patients where technologies allow. There’s no greater evidence for need for IVD product makers to find a market in physician office labs than the declining hospital bed count. With declining hospital bed in developed countries and slow growth in hospital bed volume even in developing nations, it makes sense that more […]

NGS in Molecular Diagnostics

The first NGS system was approved for clinical use by the FDA only in 2013. Hence, the market segment is quite new, even though a significant industry exists for LDTs performed as testing services on NGS platforms by certified clinical labs. The current IVD market available in clinical sequencing consists largely of sales of NGS […]

14 Companies Dominate Med Device Market: Report

The market for medical devices is valued at $570 billion in 2022, according to Kalorama Information’s 12th report on the market since 2009. It grew 2.7% last year, and Kalorama believes it will grow average 3.4% next five years. Expect increasing revenue growth for 2022 as markets continue to stabilize. In 2023 and forward, growth […]

Next Emerging Disease Could Be Mosquito-Borne, Says Kalorama Report

Climate change and globalization can create dangers of the spread of disease. A recent study in the Lancet ( said that additional 1.5 billion would be at risk for just one disease, dengue fever because of climate change. For many mosquito-borne illnesses, there is no vaccine and little in the way of treatment as the […]

10 Recent Molecular Diagnostics Deals

According to Kalorama Information’s 2022 molecular diagostics report [], the market now exceed 21 billion. The demand for molecular IVD means that very often a single firm cannot go it alone and must find partners. These are partnerships involving 20 companies that have just occurred in recent months: Immucor and Pirche: a multi-year partnership to […]

New Report Focuses on 23 Key Companies In Cancer Therapeutics

A new report from Kalorama Information ( takes a look at cancer therapeutics, with a particular focus on 23 companies. Despite advances in cancer treatment, cancer continues to affect about 18.1 million people annually, generating a significant loss of life, financial burden and overall strain on the health industry.  Worldwide between 35 and 40 million […]

The IVD Market in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia: 2 Billion Dollar Opportunity

Per a recent Kalorama Information report, In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, 2022 ( The market for IVDs in the three countries combined exceeds $1.9 billion dollars. This includes clinical tests for infectious disease, hematology, basic bloodwork, glucose and other conditions. The impact of COVID-19 in the microbiology and virology markets has […]