Cell and Gene Therapy Funding Totaled $40 Billion in 2022, Growth Projected

Cell and gene therapy is attracting much attention these days and for good reason.  For one, there has been a notable increase in the number of cell and gene therapies in clinical development over the past decade. In the United States alone there are over 1,000 cell and gene therapies in clinical development, and more […]

It’s 2023: Where is the At-Home IVD Testing Market Now?

The Home IVD testing market is not new, but it had primarily been limited to glucose and pregnancy testing. COVID-19 testing has opened the door for home infectious disease testing and more. The market is detailed in Kalorama’s latest report At-Home Diagnostic Testing Markets and Trends (COVID-19, FOB, Glucose, HIV and Other Tests), 2023 https://kaloramainformation.com/product/at-home-diagnostic-testing-markets-and-trends-covid-19-fob-glucose-hiv-and-other-tests-2023/ The global Home IVD testing market was […]

New Kalorama Report Pegs Clinical Lab Services Market at 168BN

The global market for clinical laboratory services grew to an estimated $168.3 billion during 2022. This is according to Kalorama’s latest report on clinical lab services (https://kaloramainformation.com/product/clinical-laboratory-services-market-8th-edition/) The COVID-19 testing demand increased the market by more than $31 billion over the year. Besides the remarkable and continued growth in 2022 due to COVID-19 demand, there are a number of […]

Despite Declines, COVID-19 Still a Large IVD Market

When a market declines in momentum, it’s easy to forget that it still contributes to the overall market. This is the case with COVID-19. Testmakers are separating revenues to be sure investors know the parts of their business growing and declining and what part is related to the now-endemic disease. However, this belies the fact […]

Six Trends to Watch in POC-IVD

Point of care IVD sales reached 45 billion dollars in 2022.  This includes instruments – permanent and disposable, and associated reagents and supplies.   Kalorama Information’s latest report details this:  https://kaloramainformation.com/product/the-worldwide-market-for-point-of-care-poc-diagnostic-tests-10th-edition/ Point of care covers a variety of tests – some performed in a lab, some in a doctor’s office, some in a patient’s home […]

Hematology Grows, Driven by Decentralization

The global market for hematology testing, inclusive of analyzers/instruments and reagents, is valued at $5,655 million in 2022. This includes all commercial laboratory and hospital-based products, some research use products used in clinical laboratories, and OTC product sales (not test services). This is according to Kalorama’s latest on hematology IVD. The report indicates that decentralized […]

Still Room to Grow in Infectious Disease IVD

Per Kalorama Information’s World Infectious Disease report: Opportunities for infectious disease testing products vary widely between the developed and developing countries, according to our most recent report on infectious disease world markets. With favorable access to a complete range of tests and the operation of advanced medical delivery systems that reach most residents and in spite of making […]

Growth in Molecular Diagnostics, Beyond COVID-19

COVID-19 is not over, but test sales are clearly on the decline, and IVD companies for the most part have adopted a focus on other test areas to beat the negative trend. Abbot, Roche, Hologic and Quest are among the diagnostic testing companies that have reported 2022 results with COVID-19 losses softened by gains in […]

Expect More Testing Performed at Physician Office Lab Venues: Report

The IVD market follows patients where technologies allow. There’s no greater evidence for need for IVD product makers to find a market in physician office labs than the declining hospital bed count. With declining hospital bed in developed countries and slow growth in hospital bed volume even in developing nations, it makes sense that more […]

NGS in Molecular Diagnostics

The first NGS system was approved for clinical use by the FDA only in 2013. Hence, the market segment is quite new, even though a significant industry exists for LDTs performed as testing services on NGS platforms by certified clinical labs. The current IVD market available in clinical sequencing consists largely of sales of NGS […]