• by Bruce Carlson
  • May 24, 2019
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Are You Missing Out? 5 Exclusives and Scoops From Instrument Business Outlook

If you need to track instrument markets, and haven’t yet subscribed to Kalorama’s partner publisher Instrument Business Outlook (IBO), https://instrumentbusinessoutlook.com/product/instrument-business-outlook/ you could be missing out. Subscribers to IBO not only get the latest news, events and analysis in the analytical instrument industry delivered to their Inbox twice monthly, but they also receive the added benefit of IBO […]

  • by Bruce Carlson
  • May 13, 2019
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Keep Up with CLIA Laboratory News and IVD Developments Daily with LabPulse.com

Kalorama Information’s publishing partner LabPulse.com recently started.  Using Kalorama Information’s data sources and an editorial team dedicated to breaking news.  The website provides a unique perspective on CLIA lab and IVD product developments. The site provides a forum for pathologists, laboratorians, business managers, researchers, members of organized medicine, and industry to interact and learn about […]

Blood tau test works as biomarker for deadly Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

By Emily Hayes, LabPulse.com editor in chief FROM Kalorama’s partner publication Lab Pulse.com  Testing for the tau protein in blood could help predict the outlook for the rare and deadly Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a discovery that also has implications for research in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, researchers reported in JAMA Neurology on May 6. Tau is […]

Extractables and Leachables in Single-Use Bioprocessing

Single-use or disposable biomanufacturing replaces stainless steel tanks, bioreactors, and plumbing with plastic, to provide flexibility, agility, and speed to the production of therapeutic proteins. A recent market study estimates demand for for Single Use Upstream Processing to grow at up to 15% per year through 2021, when demand will reach $3.7 billion.. As disposable processing worked […]

  • by Bruce Carlson
  • April 25, 2019
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Yes, there are Issues With EMRs. But Paper Medical Records Are Not Coming Back Anytime Soon.

As detailed in a recent Linked In article (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/yes-issues-emrs-paper-medical-records-coming-back-anytime-carlson/), articles that criticize the EHR tend to avoid a historical comparison to the days of paper-based records, and that’s partially because it’s hard to document those errors. EHRs in an odd way provide their own spotlight on their failures, whereas paper record errors would require extensive […]

New Report Finds Large-Scale Adoption of Digital X-Ray Technology in the U.S., Growth in Procedures

This article is based on information  from Kalorama’s partner publication IMV (http://www.imvinfo.com), a premier source of information for the radiology industry.  In the 1980s, CT and MR scanners revolutionized the imaging industry by generating images digitally rather than using analog/film-based technology.  Since then, radiology/imaging departments have progressed to being almost fully digitally based, with the […]

Modest Results, and Some Good News, for Major IVD Companies

Results below expectations, perhaps explained by one-time events, were coupled with new product launches and some silver lining in niche markets, as the top two IVD companies announced first-quarter results.  Roche’s Diagnostics division reported sales of $2.9 BN CHF (approx. $2.86 BN USD) and 1% growth, with Molecular Diagnostics as main contributor.  That was flat […]

Mass Spectrometry-based Mycology Tests Put to Use in C. auris Outbreak

A relatively new disease with particular strength in the New York City area but also in 12 U.S. states has seen 617 cases as of time of writing – with particular strength in weakened patients and those in long-term facilities.  Because the fungus is detectable only with complex lab tests such as mass spectrometry, sequencing […]

Point of Care Test Revenue Growth Outpaces Overall IVD Test Market

Introducing accurate test results to the place where patient care is occurring is a compelling concept for improved care.  And that is reflected in the growing year-over-year revenues for products that are successful at getting that done.  POC has not converted in every category, and it’s not for everything.  Indeed, lab-based tests remain stalwart in […]

Panel Testing Approaches: A Look At The Current Marketplace

[by Christina Chew]  It is increasingly common to test in panels to gain clarity on disease while treatment will be most effective.  Numerous multiplex products are on the market, and their effectiveness has been shown in studies, but there are challenges with reimbursement.   In this article, we will look at the current status of syndromic […]